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Tailoring lifestyle programmes for diabetes prevention for US South Asians
Weber, Mary Beth; Hennink, Monique M.; Narayan, K. M. Venkat

Factors associated with potentially inappropriate prescriptions and barriers to medicines optimisation among older adults in primary care settings: a systematic review
Xu, Zhijie; Liang, Xujian; Zhu, Yue; Lu, Yiting; Ye, Yuanqu; Fang, Lizheng; Qian, Yi

Do statins reduce mortality in older people? Findings from a longitudinal study using primary care records
Gitsels, Lisanne Andra; Bakbergenuly, Ilyas; Steel, Nicholas; Kulinskaya, Elena

Physical multimorbidity patterns and depressive symptoms: a nationwide cross-sectional study in Japan
Aoki, Takuya; Yamamoto, Yosuke; Shimizu, Sayaka; Fukuhara, Shunichi

Cost or revenue: is diabetes prevention doomed due to misalignment of incentives?
Mainous, Arch G., III; Yadav, Sandhya; Xie, Zhigang; Huo, Jinhai

Variable selection strategies and its importance in clinical prediction modelling
Chowdhury, Mohammad Ziaul Islam; Turin, Tanvir C.

Clinicopathological characteristics of 8697 patients with COVID-19 in China: a meta-analysis
Zhu, Jieyun; Zhong, Zhimei; Ji, Pan., et al.

What is the meaning of health literacy? A systematic review and qualitative synthesis
Liu, Chenxi; Wang, Dan; Liu, Chaojie., et al.

Challenges and responsibilities of family doctors in the new global coronavirus outbreak
Li, Donald Kwok Tung

Contributions and challenges of general practitioners in China fighting against the novel coronavirus crisis
Li, Donald Kwok Tung; Zhu, Shanzhu

Epidemics and primary care in the UK
Shehata, Mishkat; Zhao, Shuxia; Gill, Paramjit

Rationales and uncertainties for aspirin use in COVID-19: a narrative review
Ahmed, Hazem A. Sayed; Merrell, Eric; Ismail, Mansoura; Joudeh, Anwar, I; Riley, Jeffrey B.; Shawkat, Ahmed; Habeb, Hanan; Darling, Edward; Goweda, Reda A.; Shehata, Mohamed H.; Amin, Hossam; Nieman, Gary F.; Aiash, Hani

Perceived barriers and primary care access experiences among immigrant Bangladeshi men in Canada
Turin, Tanvir C.; Rashid, Ruksana; Ferdous, Mahzabin; Naeem, Iffat; Rumana, Nahid; Rahman, Afsana; Rahman, Nafiza; Lasker, Mohammad

How well did Norwegian general practice prepare to address the COVID-19 pandemic?
Alsnes, Ingvild Vatten; Munkvik, Morten; Flanders, W. Dana., et al.

Suspected cases of COVID-19: study protocol for reporting characteristics and the outcomes
Hamed, Ehab; Abd Elhamid, Mohamed; Alemrayat, Bayan

Identifying diabetes management opportunity areas in the USA
Topmiller, Michael; Shaak, Kyle; Mallow, Peter J.; Kieber-Emmons, Autumn M.

Communities and service providers address access to perinatal care in postconflict Northern Uganda: socialising evidence for participatory action
Belaid, Loubna; Atim, Pamela; Atim, Eunice; Ochola, Emmanuel; Ogwang, Martin; Bayo, Pontius; Oola, Janet; Wonyima Okello, Isaac; Sarmiento, Ivan; Rojas-Rozo, Laura; Zinszer, Kate; Zarowsky, Christina; Andersson, Neil

Exploring the structure of social media application-based information-sharing clinical networks in a community in Japan using a social network analysis approach
Haruta, Junji; Tsugawa, Sho; Ogura, Kazunari

Reformulation and strengthening of return-of-service (ROS) schemes could change the narrative on global health workforce distribution and shortages in sub-Saharan Africa
Mabunda, Sikhumbuzo A.; Angell, Blake; Yakubu, Kenneth; Durbach, Andrea; Joshi, Rohina

Cultural adaptation and content validity of a Chinese translation of the ‘Person-Centered Primary Care Measure’: findings from cognitive debriefing
Tse, Emily Tsui Yee; Lam, Cindy Lo Kuen; Wong, Carlos King Ho; Chin, Weng Yee; Etz, Rebecca S.; Zyzanski, Stephen J.; Stange, Kurt C.