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Thank you to our reviewers

Family Medicine and Community Health (FMCH) has achieved distinct quality improvements in 2022, and its greatest reviewers made the main contribution. These respectable researchers provided FMCH with selfless help and support from different countries worldwide, which is only for the spirit of science. Thus, the editors and publishers of Family Medicine and Community Health would like to express the sincerest thanks to the following reviewers:
R Abrams Ezgi Ağadayı Mw Alsabbagh Q An Laura Anderson Fekede Asefa Na Atehortua Nora Becker B Bell Charlotte Blease Chantelle Boudreaux Ac Bowen Mercedes Bravo Michael Cantor Bianca Cata-Preta Tiffany Choi Ks Christensen Campbell Christine G Cometto B Coplan Darren Cosgrove Ivana Croghan C Crump H Dambha‐Miller E Dolenc A Dowell Catherine Elmore Dd Faustino-Silva Susan Flocke Chuan Foo Andrew Gamble Brenda Geiger Ligia Giovanella Felicity Goodyear-Smith K Gruffydd-Jones Lina Gubhaju A Hachfeld
Mohammad Hamiduzzaman Jk Harris Jeffrey Harrison Charles Hennekens L Iversen Hua Jin Makoto Kaneko Margaret Kay Erin Kelly Luciane Kopitkke Jk Kueper Carlos Laranjeira Yilma Larebo Shugang Li Winston R Liaw Chaojie Liu Chenxi Liu E Lovegrove Johnny Lyon-Maris Parker Magin A Malmartel Tom Marshall T Martinez-Jaikel Susannah Mayhew Mark Mccormack Shannon Mccrory-Churchill Thérèse Mcdonnell Stewart Mercer Danny Mou Corrina Moucheraud Courtney Nawrocki S Nkosi Heather Palis Karo Parsegian Lars E. Peterson William Phillips
Casey Pinto Leon Piterman Giancarlo Ripabelli Patrick Rockenschaub Slawa Rokicki Rifqah Roomaney Ali Sahebi Jeffrey Scherrer R Schultz Russell Searight Jianwei Shi Sherina Sidik Richard Singer Suhang Song Victor Strasburger Lut Tamam Sb Tan Liyuan Tao Jane Tiller Edward Timmons Ty Tsao Maria A. Ukhanova Juliet Wakefield Marta Wanat Harry H.X. Wang Xin Wang Ae Welch Jane Wilcock Craig Williams P Williams P Wingrove Zhijie Xu Yuelun Zhang Katrin Zocher Monica Zolezzi Chuan Zou
In 2022, FMCH will move forward with the trust and support of primary care/general practice researchers. We sincerely hope that FMCH will become a high-quality platform to provide best services to primary care/general practice researchers worldwide!