Table 2

Experiences with vaccines in practice

Location where majority of your patients receive their vaccines
 Age group: ages 0–2 years
  In own clinic30553.2
  Health department203.5
  From other physician315.4
  Do not know/do not treat age group/missing21737.9
 Age group: ages 2–18 years
  In own clinic37064.6
  Health department254.4
  From other physician284.9
  Do not know/do not treat age group/missing15026.2
 Age group: ages 18–65 years
  In own clinic34760.6
  Health department183.1
  From other physician264.5
  Do not know/do not treat age group/missing18231.8
 Age group: ages: over 65 years
  In own clinic30252.7
  Health department173.0
  From other physician254.4
  Do not know/do not treat age group/missing22940.0
Frequency of endorsing vaccines with patients
 Always or almost always48885.2
 Rarely or never20.4