Table 4

COVID-19 vaccine and patient dismissal practices

VariablesN or mean% or SD
Physicians should dismiss parents or patients who refuse COVID-19 vaccination
 Strongly agree173.0
 Somewhat agree345.9
 Neither agree nor disagree8114.1
 Somewhat disagree12922.5
 Strongly disagree21036.7
What are potential reasons for dismissing families or patients who refuse COVID-19 vaccine?
 Concern for safety of other patients27347.6
 Concern for the safety of clinical staff23440.8
 Lack of shared goals for care16929.50
 Lack of trust between patient and doctor15727.4
 Fear of litigation417.2
 Negative effect on quality metrics407.0
How confident are you in your ability to respond to patients/parents who want to delay or refuse the COVID-19 vaccine because*
 They think the vaccine will cause illness8.122.0
 They do not know enough about it8.081.9
 It is not needed or necessary7.922.0
 They heard or read bad things about the vaccine in the news7.522.2
 They do not trust healthcare personnel7.412.4
 They have concerns about lasting health problems due to the vaccine7.092.3
 It is not consistent with their religious or personal beliefs5.852.9
  • *Mean and SD. For these questions, physicians rated their confidence on a scale of 1–10 with one being the least confident and 10 being the most confident.