Table 1

Description of sample and practice (n=573)

VariableN or mean% or SD
 Family medicine40771.0
Age (n=425)†50.8811.8
Hispanic ethnicity6511.3
 Christianity Protestant18432.1
 Christianity Catholic8815.4
 No religion508.7
 Christianity other437.5
 Prefer not to answer234.0
Main clinical practice setting
 Independent small solo or group practice (<10 physicians)20135.1
 Employed by health system13122.9
 Independent large group practice (>10 physicians)7613.3
 Academic teaching clinic6210.8
 Federally qualified health centre or community health centre356.1
 Urgent care173.0
 Veterans Affairs or other military services40.7
 Health department10.2
Number of physicians in practice where employed
 Solo practice12922.5
Geographic location of primary practice
Most common type of payor for practice
 Private insurance (includes Tricare)29150.8
 Other/don’t know/not applicable/missing386.6
Number of patients seen per week in practice
 Less than 25539.3
  • *The individuals who identified as ‘other’ specialty were members of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians and the Texas Paediatric Society but did not identify primarily as family medicine or paediatric physicians.

  • †Mean and SD.