Table 1

Patient and community characteristics for priority and bright spot ZCTAs

MeasureAllUrban priorityRural priorityBright spots
Number of ZCTAs98322
Patient characteristicsDMAllDMAllDMAllDMAll
 Number of patients21 001174 965244514 3814628643243
 % female49.057.357.861.241.352.860.560.5
 % white79.582.442.745.291.391.6>95>95
 % Hispanic16.112.760.956.7<5<5<5<5
 % Spanish language9.44.944.230.1<5<5<5<5
 % Medicaid10.312.027.537.2<2011.9<2016.9
 % Medicare54.427.349.224.230.419.260.538.3
 % with diabetesn/a12.0n/a17.0n/a16.1n/a17.7
 % A1c control73.5n/a66.8n/a56.5n/a76.7n/a
 % A1c uncontrolled13.4n/a19.8n/a28.3n/a<15n/a
Community characteristics25
 Populationn/a1 228 754n/a71 154n/a26 462n/a1788
 % non-Hispanic whiten/a75.4n/a27.2n/a94.8n/a98.5
 % Hispanicn/a14.9n/a57.3n/a2.4n/a0.8
 % limited English proficiencyn/a3.2n/a14.1n/a0.4n/a0
 % age 65 and oldern/a16.7n/a10.0n/a20.4n/a23.6
 % povertyn/a11.5n/a33.0n/a9.8n/a2.1
 % diabetes27n/a13.2n/a10.5n/a17.2n/a10.5
  • Urban priority includes ZCTAs 18101, 18102 and 18109 (identified as hot spots).

  • Rural priority includes ZCTAs 17901 and 19507 (identified as SD outliers).

  • Bright spots include ZCTAs 18056 and 19503 (identified as spatial outliers).

  • Patient characteristics in table 1 include primary care (family medicine and internal medicine) patients visiting between August 2016 and August 2018. A patient was included if they met the following criteria: an inoffice encounter at a primary care practice in the past 24 months, a PCP belonging to a primary care practice, at least 18 years old and not deceased. The denominator for the patient characteristics was the total number of LVHN patients within the ZCTA(s).

  • Community characteristics in table 1 include data from the American Community Survey 2013–2017 and estimates (for diabetes) created by the Robert Graham Center using data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2017.

  • DM, type II diabetes mellitus; LVHN, Lehigh Valley Health Network; n/a, not available; ZCTAs, ZIP Code Tabulation Areas.