Table 6

Writing a title that fits your research methodology

SurveyWhat are (POPULATION) attitudes towards (TOPIC) in (LOCATION): a (METHODOLOGY) investigation.What are (parent) attitudes towards (vaccination of their 11–12 year olds) in (Haidian District): a (survey) investigation.
Qualitative interviewsWhat are (POPULATION) perspectives about (TOPIC) in (LOCATION): a (METHODOLOGY) investigation.What are (parent and adolescents’) perspectives on (vaccination of their 11–12-year-olds) in (community health clinics): a (qualitative semistructured) investigation.
Curriculum developmentTraining (POPULATION) about (TOPIC) during (LOCATION): a (METHODOLOGY) project.Training (GP residents) about (HPV vaccination to adolescents) during (a community health rotation): a (curriculum development) project.
Quality improvementImproving (TOPIC) of (POPULATION) in (LOCATION): a (METHODOLOGY) project.Improving (HPV vaccination) of (eligible adolescents) in (a community health centre): a (quality improvement) study.
Health policy analysisAssessment of (TOPIC) for (POPULATION) in (LOCATION): a (METHODOLOGY).Assessment of (HPV vaccination) for (adolescent males aged 11–12 years old) in (Canada): a (health policy analysis).
Case study(TOPIC) for (POPULATION) in (LOCATION): a (METHODOLOGY).(HPV vaccination) for (adolescent males aged 11–12 years old) in (a clinic serving Japanese patients): a (case study of responding to culturally driven concerns).