Table 4

Synthesis of strategies suggested by the communities and service providers

Main obstruction to perinatal careStrategiesLikely main effectOther effects perceived
Lack of birth preparednessJoin saving groups
Practice self-saving
Income-generating activities
Early prenatal check-ups
Increased in facility-based deliveries
Increased community awareness
Bringing people together and voicing opinions in public
Lack of male supportRaise awareness of men to increase their involvement in perinatal careMen saving money for facility-based deliveries
Men accompanying their wives to the health facility
Men provide more support for their wives in the next pregnancy
Reduction in gender-based violence
Poor service provider’s attitudeVoice complaints through health management committee
Raise awareness on patient’s rights
Mutual understanding between health providers and communities through self-reflection on their respective attitudes
Improved provider and community attitudes
Improved provider–patient relationships