Table 1

Description of clinics in general practice (GP) and measures of preparatory actions to address COVID-19, by health region

Health regionSouth-EastWestMid-NorthTotal
Size of GP clinic (n)
 Small (1–3 doctors)145221
 Medium (4–5 doctors)259539
 Large (6–7 doctors)87621
 Very large (≥8 doctors)95519
%%%%P value
Sign on entrance100100100100
Updated home page9110094940.259
Video consultation898883880.774
Electronic written consultation888578850.594
Home office doctors9810094980.395
Home office health personnel364228360.606
Works in teams413533390.784
Home visit equipment806989790.278
Isolation room455861510.395
Knows how to decontaminate a room776572730.507
Appropriate use of PPE688594870.725
Sufficient supply of PPE*596967630.637
COVID-19 clinic in the municipality*918583880.527
  • *Organisational factors dependent on the municipality.

  • PPE, personal protection equipment.