Table 1

Organisation and resident participation for GHAs offered at Canadian FM programmes

Family medicine residency programmesResidentsGHAs offered?*% participation in GHAs†Formal coordination by a global health officeDomestic rotations‡International rotationsLongitudinal GH training§
Memorial University of Newfoundland7626–50
University of Saskatchewan9076–100✓✓✓✓
Northern Ontario School of Medicine9276–100
University of Manitoba12051–75Unknown¶Unknown¶
Dalhousie University1301–25
University of Ottawa14026–50
Queen’s University15076–100✓✓
Western University152Unknown¶
University of Calgary16576–100
University of Alberta16976–100✓✓
McMaster University1981–25
McGill University2001–25
Université de Sherbrooke2201–25
Université Laval2301–25
Université de Montréal3221–25
University of British Columbia39626–50
University of Toronto4001–25
  • ✓: Available; ✓✓: mandatory.

  • *All FM residency programmes offer didactic teaching in the form of periodic lectures/seminars involving global health topics.

  • †Participation at any time during the 2-year FM residency programmes.

  • ‡Domestic rotations were defined as rotations serving largely disadvantaged/inner city/refugee populations within Canada.

  • §Longitudinal GH training was defined as clinical experience (s) (smaller amounts of time distributed intermittently throughout the residency in clinics, health centres or otherwise) in programmes serving vulnerable populations.

  • ¶Survey response incomplete.

  • FM, family medicine; GH, global health; GHA, global health activity.