Table 2

Definitions of qualitative interviews

DiCicco-Bloom and Crabtree10 Semistructured interviews are ‘organized around a set of predetermined open-ended questions, with other questions emerging from the dialogue between interviewer and interviewee/s’ (2006, p 315)‘To contribute to a body of knowledge that is conceptual and theoretical and is based on the meanings that life experiences hold for the interviewees’ (2006, p 314)
Hatch12 ‘special kinds of conversations or speech events that are used by researchers to explore informants’ experiences and interpretations’ (2002, p. 91)‘To uncover the meaning structures that participants use to organize their experiences and make sense of their worlds’ (2002, p 91)
Kvale7 ‘attempts to understand the world from the subjects' point of view, to unfold the meaning of peoples' experiences, to uncover their lived world prior to scientific explanations’ (1996, p 1)‘To gather descriptions of the life-world of the interviewee with respect to interpretation of the meaning of the described phenomena’ (1983, p 174)
Josselson15 ‘a shared product of what two people—one the interviewer, the other the interviewee—talk about and how they talk together’ (2013, p 1)‘To enter the world of the participant and try to understand how it looks and feels from the participant’s point of view’ (2013, p 80)