Table 3

Educational strategies

Type of learning toolFactors favouringFactors opposingExample
Lecture-based information deliveryLearners have lower level basic understanding and limited time.Learners are more interested in active learning.Review of biochemical pathways.
Hands-on skill deliveryLearners will apply the skill in real life and benefit directly from practice.Lack of adequate equipment/space, not a hands-on topic.Handling a colonoscope before going to the endoscopy suite.
Flipped classroom approachLearners can acquire knowledge via video or articles, then deepen understanding through discussion.Requires pre-work, which need time built-in.Reading an article about the management of gestational hypertension, then discussing it in the setting of a patient with gestational hypertension on the labour and delivery floor.
Case-based lecturesMore active learning, favours shared learning.Not assessing knowledge.Review of clinical cases seen on a clerkship, presented for discussion.