Table 3

Results of the BLR model affecting socioeconomic and demographic factors for non-utilisation of healthcare facilities during childbirth for women in Bangladesh

VariablesORP valueSE95% CI for OR
Type of place of residence
 Urban (reference category)
Respondents’ age
 Up to 20 (reference category)
 Above 201.479≤0.0010.1001.2171.799
ANC visit
 No visit (reference category)
 1–3 visits3.448≤0.0010.1192.7294.355
 More than 3 visits6.011≤0.0010.1264.6957.694
Respondents’ education level
 No education (reference category)
Wealth index
 Poor (reference category)
Birth order
 First order (reference category)
 Other order0.567≤0.0010.0920.4730.679
 Normal (reference category)
 Not normal1.1010.1790.0720.9571.267
  • ANC, antenatal care; BLR, binary logistic regression; BMI, body mass index.