Table 2

Main components of the patients ‘social context’

Main components of the patients ‘social context’Description
Housing situation
  • Housing status

  • Indoor air quality (lead, mites, moulds)

  • Outdoor air quality (pollution, pollen, noise)

  • Accessibility to health services

Income and employment
  • Employment/profession

  • Socio-professional category

  • Occupational exposure

  • Work schedule (hours)

  • Perceived financial situation

  • Income (or type of social minimum income)

  • Immigration status

  • Suffering at work

Family dynamics and social supports
  • Couple’s relationship

  • Number of children

  • Presence of friends, people to rely on (in case of disease), family referent (for elderly people)

  • Physical, sexual or psychological violence

  • Beliefs influencing care

Access and quality of health and social care
  • Renouncement to healthcare

  • Health literacy

  • Education level

  • Understanding of written French

  • Social coverage

  • Presence of a long duration disease

  • Presence of a referent general practitioner