Table 3

Logistic regression modelling on contract scenarios

Attribute levelsβORSEZP value
Duration of the contract (baseline=1 year)
 3 years0.0030.990.090.030.05
 5 years0.420.650.064.36<0.001
Payment system (baseline=capitation)
 Capitation+25% fee for service0.1451.150.1131.480.01
 Capitation+15% bonus0.391.40.1463.9<0.001
Type of employer (baseline=medical council)
 Medical sciences university0.521.680.165.3<0.001
 Health insurance0.862.370.238.7<0.001
Number of people covered by GP’s services (baseline=1500 people)
 2500 individuals0.0331.030.10.340.73
 4000 individuals0.
Geographic area covered by a GP (baseline=to 1.5 km)
 Between 1.5 and 5 km around the office0.030.960.090.340.7
 Without any restriction0.10.880.081.220.2
Being allowed to render health services beyond the defined package (baseline=No)
Allocating quota for being accepted in medical specialty (baseline=No)
 After 5 years0.782.180.217.8<0.001
 After 10 years0.
  • GP, general practitioner.