Table 2

Total number of new patients* and known Class B conditions ( ≥ 1) for refugees by fiscal year

Fiscal yearTotal # of
new patients
Class B conditions
Number (%)
2013–201419039 (20.5)
2014–201518344 (24.0)
2015–201629071 (24.5)
2016–201720728 (13.5)
2017–201814511 (7.5)
Total1015193 (19.0)
  • *Includes both refugees and SIV holders. SIV holders are not included in the Class B conditions numbers since the IFMC does not receive their overseas medical evaluation before arrival. The recent decrease in Class B conditions reflects a relative decrease in the percentage of Refugees and a relative increase in the percentage of new SIV patients.

  • IFMC, International Family Medicine Clinic; SIV, Special Immigrant Visa.