Table 3

Summary of cases (n=78, 37% of 210 total new patients) requiring RN care coordination before or directly after initial IFMC visit during the 18-month period from 1 September 2017 to 28 February 2019

Type of care coordination needNumber (%*)
Health problem related care coordination63 (30)
Early appointments at the IFMC26 (12)
Seen in ED or walk-in clinic before their initial visit21 (10)
Administrative support provided by RN-CC14 (7)
Help coordinating specialist follow-up after initial visit12 (6)
Intensive specialist coordination before being seen at IFMC10 (5)
Nurse triage8 (4)
Pregnant and needed initial prenatal visits7 (3)
  • *Totals do not add up to 100% because not all refugees need care coordination before or immediately after the initial visit, whereas many have more than one need.

  • ED, emergency department; IFMC, International Family Medicine Clinic; RN-CC, registered nurse care coordinator.