Table 2

Characteristics of respondents (n=10)

AbbreviationType of organisationExperience as a GANC facilitatorOccupation
P1Community health centre>2 yearsMidwife
P2Independent midwifery practice>2 yearsMidwife
P3Independent midwifery practice>2 yearsMidwife
P4Other PCOs<2 yearsMidwife
P5Community health centre>2 yearsMidwife
P6Community health centre>2 yearsMidwife
P7Other PCOs<2 yearsSocial worker
P8Other PCOs<2 yearsMidwife
P9Other PCOs<2 yearsPedagogical staff
P10Other PCOs<2 yearsMidwife
  • GANC, group antenatal care; PCOs, primary care organisations.