Table 1

Distribution of FP, MS spots (per year), medical school enrolment by the province of residence (per year), FMR positions (per year) by province and territories in Canada (2019)

Province or territoryPopulationWithout FP (%)No of FPPopulation per FPNo of MS spotsPopulation per MS spotFMR positions offered (vs unfilled)Population per FMR position
Canada38 929 90214.544 584873297213 0991399 (219)27 827
AB4 543 11114.9575878933813 441139 (32)32 684
BC5 319 32417.7636683628818 470122 (1)43 601
MB1 409 22315.8151992811012 81142 (5)33 553
NB812 06110.21153704NPNPNPNP
NL525 97212.592756780657535 (2)15 028
NS1 019 72514.41292789125815858 (8)17 581
PE170 68814.9174981NPNPNPNP
ON15,109,419.414 962101098815 293440 (59)34 340
QC8 695 65921.510 9097979439221511 (99)17 017
SK1 194 80317.2139585610011 94852 (13)22 977
Territories†129 920NA1291007NPNPNPNP
  • Cells coloured in red represent data that reflect the worst patient burden or FP shortage.

  • Cells coloured in gray represent data that are not available (NA), or provinces/territories that do not administer medical education programs (NP).

  • *Without access to a regular medical practitioner (either a family physician, a nurse or a medical specialist).

  • †Data on the Canadian territories (YK, NT, NU) are limited due to their dispersed population and the harsh and remote geographic environment situated in the northern region of Canada; some measures are only available for the three jurisdictions combined.

  • AB, Alberta; BC, British Columbia; FMR, family medicine residency; FP, family physician; MB, Manitoba; MS, medical student; NA, not available; NB, New Brunswick; NL, Newfoundland; NP, no programme; NS, Nova Scotia; NT, Northwest Territories; NU, Nunavut; ON, Ontario; PE, Prince Edward Island; SK, Saskatchewan; Territories, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut; YK, Yukon.