Table 1

PRs of primary care visits in the past month, estimated through Poisson multivariate models

PR*95% CI**P value
Labour status
 In work1
 Unemployed1.06(0.96 to 1.17)0.27
 Studying0.90(0.68 to 1.18)0.43
 Retired1.13(1.07 to 1.19)<0.001
 Domestic tasks1.05(0.95 to 1.17)0.36
 Other1.19(1.12 to 1.27)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal1.11(0.96 to 1.28)0.152
Alcohol consumption
 Every day or almost every day1
 3–6 days a week1.07(0.98 to 1.17)0.139
 1–2 days a week1.12(1.04 to 1.20)0.002
 2–3 days a month1.16(1.08 to 1.24)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal1.14(0.99 to 1.30)0.071
Self-perceived health
 Very good1
 Good1.31(1.10 to 1.55)0.002
 Fair1.60(1.35 to 1.90)<0.001
 Bad1.76(1.48 to 2.09)<0.001
 Very bad1.80(1.51 to 2.14)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal1.75(1.39 to 2.20)<0.001
Long-standing health problem
 Yes1.14(1.04 to 1.24)0.004
 Don’t know/refusal1.00(0.69 to 1.45)0.99
High blood pressure
 Yes1.06(1.03 to 1.10)0.001
 Don’t know/refusal0.93(0.73 to 1.17)0.52
Chronic back pain
 Yes1.07(1.04 to 1.11)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal0.96(0.85 to 1.08)0.51
  • Likelihood ratio test=986.6 (p<0.001).

  • Overdispersion test=9268.8/16216=0.57 (p=1.00).

  • Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve=0.71.

  • n=16 270, number of primary care visits=9353.

  • *PR adjusted for age, sex, country of residence and body mass index.

  • PR, prevalence ratio.