Table 2

PRs of hospital admissions in the past year, estimated through Poisson multivariate models

PR*95% CIP value
Alcohol consumption
 Every day or almost every day1
 3–6 days a week0.99(0.82 to 1.20)0.91
 1–2 days a week1.01(0.87 to 1.17)0.93
 2–3 days a month1.18(1.02 to 1.36)0.023
 Don’t know/refusal1.12(0.86 to 1.46)0.39
Self-perceived health
 Very good1
 Good1.23(0.87 to 1.74)0.25
 Fair1.80(1.28 to 2.52)<0.001
 Bad2.63(1.87 to 3.70)<0.001
 Very bad3.03(2.14 to 4.31)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal2.29(1.47 to 3.57)<0.001
Accident at home in past 12 months
 Yes1.54(1.40 to 1.69)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal1.30(1.02 to 1.65)0.035
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
 Yes1.34(1.22 to 1.47)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal0.96(0.71 to 1.29)0.77
High blood pressure
 Yes1.08(1.01 to 1.17)0.036
 Don’t know/refusal1.62(1.13 to 2.32)0.008
Chronic back pain
 Yes0.91(0.84 to 0.97)0.006
 Don’t know/refusal0.91(0.65 to 1.26)0.56
Difficulty walking
 No difficulty1
 Moderate difficulty1.33(1.21 to 1.45)<0.001
 Severe difficulty1.67(1.51 to 1.85)<0.001
 Don’t know/refusal1.57(1.02 to 2.42)0.040
  • Likelihood ratio test=1131.4 (p<0.001).

  • Overdispersion Test=9810.78/16217=0.60 (p=1.00)Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve=0.70.

  • n=16 270; number of hospital admissions=3748.

  • *PR adjusted for age, sex, country of residence and body mass index.

  • PR, prevalence ratio .