Table 3

Difference-in-differences analyses for changes in admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSCs) per 100 000 people in the prefectures declared a state of emergency and other areas

ACSCsState of emergencyOther areasChanges in admission for ACSCs by COVID-19P value
Before COVID-19During COVID-19Before COVID-19During COVID-19
Overall188.52132.80248.20200.337.50 (−87.02 to 102.01)0.875
Acute10.7018.71106.7681.422.57 (−38.54 to 43.69)0.901
Chronic106.8378.6135.7092.870.56 (−47.73 to 48.85)0.982
Preventable26.8013.4136.916.474.14 (−113.09 to 21.37)0.634