Table 2

Culturally safe interventions for the prevention and management of chronic diseases

AuthorName of interventionType of intervention
Askew27Home-based: Outreach case Management of chronic disease Exploratory StudyModel of care
Bailie30The Indigenous Chronic Disease PackageNational multicomponent programme and framework
Battersby35My health storyEducational programme for clinicians (training and booklet)
Browne19Equipping Primary Healthcare for EquityEducational programme for clinicians (training)
Conway31The Flinders Closing the Gap ProgrammeEducational programme with booklet
Coppell36The Pre-diabetes Intervention PackageEducational programme for clinicians and patients
Freeman39NoneSupport groups
Gifford42National Public Health PartnershipPractice
Hayman40NoneStrategies for implementation
Hotu37DElay Future End-stage Nephropathy due to DiabetesProgramme of care with an educational package for patients
Janssen38Te Hauora O Ngati Rarua programmeEducational programme for patients (training and coaching)
Levack33Marae-based programmeProgramme of care
Masters-Awatere28He Pikinga WaioraModel of care
Mehl-Madrona29Shared careModel of care
Sinclair44Partners in careCommunity-based programme of care with educational intervention for patients
Tan41NoneCommunity-based programme of care
Tu and Hadjipavlou32 34Elders programmeProgramme of care
www.mushkiki.com63Anishnawbe Mushkiki Health Centre ProgrammesModel of care
https://www.interiorhealth.ca64Aboriginal self identificationPractice
www.saskatoonhealthregion.ca65First Nations and Métis health strategyModel of care Cultural Respect Framework 2016–2026Framework care ‘hub’ for Aboriginal servicesProgramme of care