Table 2

Intervention parameters including journaling duration, journal analysis and/or collection and preparatory session administration preintervention

StudyJournaling session duration
No of journaling sessionsJournals collected and/or analysed
Preparatory session*
Alparone et al (2015)203YesNo
Bernard et al (2006)153YesNo
Dennick et al (2015)203YesNo
Di Blasio et al (2015)Unspecified2NoNo
Ducasse et al (2018)Unspecified7NoNo
Graf et al. (2008)202NoNo
Horsch et al (2016)153YesNo
Jensen-Johansen et al (2012)203NoNo
Barton & Jackson (2008)203YesNo
Koopman et al (2005)204NoNo
Barry and Singer (2001)204YesNo
Lovell et al (2016)203YesNo
Suhr, Risch and Wilz (2017)Unspecified3NoNo
Martino et al (2012)Unspecified2NoNo
Meshberg-Cohen et al (2014)204YesNo
Possemato et al (2010)153YesNo
Rabiepoor et al (2019)1521NoNo
Rawlings et al (2018)204YesNo
Schache et al (2019)Unspecified32NoNo
Wong and Mak (2016)203YesNo
  • *A preparatory session refers to an educational session given to participants preintervention which outlines the mechanisms and theories underlying the efficacy of journaling as well as how to journal in the most effective manner.