Table 1

Participating registrar and patient characteristics

Registrar variables (n=2333)n (%)
Registrar genderMale866 (37.1)
Obtained primary medical degree overseasYes447 (19.3)
Number of years worked in hospital prior to entering GP trainingMean±SD3.4±3.4
Registrar round/practice variables (n=5470)
Registrar age (years)Mean±SD32.5±6.3
Registrar works part timeYes1186 (22.4)
Registrar training termTerm 12191 (40.1)
Term 21977 (36.1)
Term 31302 (23.8)
Practice rurality/urbanicityMajor city3279 (60.6)
Inner regional1406 (26.0)
Outer regional, remote and very remote725 (13.4)
Practice location Socio-economic status (SEIFA-IRSD index)Mean±SD5.4±2.8
Practice routinely bulk billsYes1430 (26.4)
No. of GPs (FTE) working at the practice1–41990 (37.7)
5+3289 (62.3)
  • FTE, full-time equivalent; GP, general practitioner; SEIFA-IRSD, Socioeconomic Index for Area – Index of Relative Social Disadvantage.