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The Accountable Care Organization results: Population health management and quality improvement programs associated with increased quality of care and decreased utilization and cost of care
  1. Ronald O’Donnell1,
  2. Nishant Shaun Anand2,
  3. Caroline Ganser3 and
  4. Nancy Wexler4
  1. 1.Arizona State University, College of Health Solutions, 500 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, Arizona 85004, USA
  2. 2.Banner Health Network, 1441 N. 12th St., Phoenix, Arizona 85006, USA
  3. 3.Ambulatory Clinical Performance Assessment and Improvement, Banner Health, 1441 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, Arizona 85006, USA
  4. 4.University of Arizona Health Plans, Banner Health Network, 500 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, Arizona 85004, USA
  1. Corresponding Author: Ronald O’Donnell, Arizona State University – College of Health Solutions, 500 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, Arizona 85004, USA, E-mail: ronald.odonnell{at}


Objective The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model of health care delivery is based on new payment models for general practice to reward improved quality and decreased cost of care.

Methods Banner Health Network (BHN) is one of the original CMS Pioneer ACO programs and implemented a comprehensive disease management program based on the collaborative care model. Key performance indicators for CMS reflected quality and cost of care.

Results BHN has demonstrated both improved quality and cost savings in the first two years of the pilot program. The disease management program based on the collaborative care model appears to have improved patient health outcomes based on quality improvement measures. In addition the program has reduced emergency department and hospital utilization, resulting in cost savings.

Conclusions The BHN quality improvement program is the platform for analyzing and improving on the BHN ACO model. This model appears to have excellent application to the China health care system that is also focused on prevention and improvement of chronic disease and cost-effectiveness.

  • Accountable care organization
  • population health management
  • patient centered medical home
  • disease management
  • quality improvement

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