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Health professionals’ perspective on the impact of community health care reform in different regions of China
  1. Yanchun Zhang1,
  2. Jiangmei Qin1,
  3. Lifang Zhang1,
  4. Liqun Liu2 and
  5. Wei Zhou2
  1. 1National Health Development Research Centre, Beijing 100191, China
  2. 2Department of Maternal and Child Health Care and Community Health, National Health and Family Planning Commission, Beijing 100044,China
  1. Corresponding author: Jiangmei Qin, National Health Development Research Centre, Beijing 100191, China, E-mail: qinjm{at}


Objective Changes in supplying community health services, degree of satisfaction, and policy suggestions are presented from the perspectives of health professionals in different regions of China with the purpose of further facilitating comprehensive reform of community health services.

Methods Based on geographic location and economic level of development, eight cities were selected and 12 community health service institutions were chosen by random sampling from each city. A questionnaire survey was conducted by the health professionals.

Results With respect to working enthusiasm, reduction in antibiotic drug use, social image and trust of patients, more health professionals in middle and western China showed positive feedbacks than those in eastern China. With respect to preliminary results of the reform, performance and salary, and health care insurance policies, health professionals’ satisfaction levels in middle and western China were higher than in eastern China. The health professionals in middle and western China were more concerned about equipment, infrastructure and increasing training opportunities. The health professionals in both eastern and middle China accentuated improving the variety of essential drugs covered by health insurance, while health professionals in eastern China suggested performance-related payment reform.

Conclusions The performance of health professionals in middle and western China was improved more significantly through comprehensive reform than that of health professionals in eastern China. For health professionals in middle and western China, it is essential to strengthen infrastructure and increase professional training, while health professionals in middle and eastern China would like to see an increase in the variety of essential drugs, and those in eastern China require strengthening performance-related payment reform.

  • Community health care
  • Health care reform
  • Health professional
  • Impact analysis
  • performance-related payment
  • Essential drugs

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